About Us

“Do What You Love and Never Work a Day in Your Life”

At Green Clock, we are so very fortunate in that every day we get to do what we love. We are a video production company. That is a fancy way to say we produce films. More than that, we get to do it without the traffic of L.A. or the $14 beers of New York City. Yep, we can be creatively competitive and more than price competitive right here in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin.

And we love it.

The Creative Kid is always within us

Legendary film producer Hal Roach had his “Little Rascals”. His was a group of kids with names like Spanky, Stymie, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, and Froggy. Our Gang consists of equally intriguing names like Nigh, Teal, and Nelson. These are the energetic, smiling, and creative forces behind Green Clock Films.

Zach Nigh

owner & chief troublemaker

Zach Nigh is a serial entrepreneur who has started and run several successful companies including three in the video production industry. His strong leadership is felt on set of any shoot where he is directing and making the process easy and effective. When he isn’t closing business deals and directing top notch films he is letting his competitive nature shine through playing several sports and being a dedicated family man to his wife and two children.

Maria Nigh

creative connoisseur

Maria Nigh is a creative mind that specializes in graphic design, strategic marketing, and dynamic storytelling. Her ten years of marketing experience, coupled with her project management skills, aid in providing clients with innovative and powerful videos that accomplish marketing goals. When she is not developing the next creative way to help businesses grow, she loves spending time with her husband and two children, playing sports, and enjoying a good TV series.

Zach Nelson

video vigilante

Zach Nelson is a visual storyteller who can bring any story to life. With a passion for both audio and video, he marries narrative and cinema into a story sure to inspire. Outside of stitching together videos, you can find him playing piano or enjoying the outdoors.

Emily Belz

vp of misc. stuff

Emily Belz has a passion for organizing, video, and editing. Everyday, she strives for quality communication among her team and with clients. When Emily isn’t at the office or making sure shoots run smoothly, she is spending time with friends and family, catching up on Netflix shows or listening to music.

Kyle Teal


Kyle Teal is a creative mastermind who can create stunning visuals to bring your story to life. As a self-taught professional he is constantly doing research and learning new trends to stay on the cutting edge of a quickly changing industry. When he isn’t shooting awesome videos for clients you can find Kyle running, biking or tearing it up on a board.

Kyle Wege


Kyle Wege is a multi faceted, creative artist, working in the visual realm, as well as the audio realm.  He specializes in creating dynamic, eye catching photography, as well as creating soundscapes and audio tracks that bring depth to your video.  When Kyle is not busy photographing or shaping sound, you can find him playing bass guitar with some of the best musicians in Madison.

Justin Yapp


Justin and Zach launched Green Clock Films in 2012. Justin recently decided to pursue his passions for the outdoors in his new business venture, “Shoreline Inclusive Camping.” He will always be a part of the Green Clock history and team, but now focuses his efforts on our post-production process part-time.

What We Do

We are videographers with clients who range from ad agencies who know precisely what they want to large corporations who know they need “something” but don’t know how to get there. To us, a blank canvas offers unlimited options, but we don’t mind driving with a map.

What can we do for you?

• Corporate videos

• Training videos

• Promotional Videos

• Viral video production and promotion

• Commercials

• Live events

• Presentations

• Animations

• Explainer videos

• Special events and weddings

Every business has a story to tell, promote your through video.

Telling stories via video production is what we do. We can do it in 30 seconds or 30 minutes. We can do it by bringing a smile to the viewer or by soliciting tears. We can help brand your company and enhance your visibility. We do it with:

• Passion and energy and a sense of professional joy

• Superior customer attentiveness and responsiveness

• Access to a wide range of talents and abilities

• Midwestern overhead and pricing

View our portfolio. Ask your questions.

What is your story? Contact us today and let us help you tell yours.

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