Shadow Roasters in Review:

An Example of Creative Promotional Video Marketing

SHADOW ROASTERS (2016) produced by Green Clock Films

Cast: Justin Yapp, Kyle Wege, Kyle Teal, Zach Nigh

Director: Zach Nigh

Synopsis: The film is set in the 1920’s, during a time of caffeine prohibition. DEA agent Yappmall, played by Justin Yapp is tasked with ridding the streets of dirty caffeinators. Yappmall has been tracking one of the largest underground coffee operations in the city. His hunt has brought him to a secluded speakeasy where he has his chance to bust the whole operation and bring the city’s criminal distribution of coffee to a grinding halt. The film ends with an unexpected and clever twist you won’t want to miss.

Review [How can creative video benefit you?]: Produced by Green Clock Films, this creative, fun and clever short film is a perfect example of unique cinematography, story telling, writing and potential product placement and business promotion.

If you’re thinking about video for your business, consider a creative approach. Here are 6 ways creative video promotion (like Shadow Roasters) can benefit your business:

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP): set your business apart from your competition.
  • Viral Opportunity: a creative video has a higher probability of going viral, extending reach and effectiveness.
  • Usability: A well though-out and produced creative video can be easily implemented in countless forms of media. Use video on websites, eCommerce product pages, blogs, social media platforms, online ads, YouTube promotion, commercials, and so much more.
  • Enhanced Marketing: Inserting a creative promotional video into any marketing campaign is an easy way to enhance it’s effectiveness and professionalism.
  • Unique Soft Sell: Sell your product or service through story telling and do something different from typical “hard sell” messaging.  A creative promotional video is perfect for businesses that don’t have a straight forward product or service.
  • Create Awareness & Excitement: Use a creative video to create excitement and awareness around a product, service or even an event or cause. Play off of the video and create posters and marketing materials, or short 5 second teasers promoting the video release.

Use Shadow Roasters as an example of how to creatively promote your business, product or service.

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