Next Level Ventures is a family owned business founded by Chris Sandler. Chris started out with a heart to help households and businesses with their technology needs and help build their online presence. With the success (and savings) of every one of Chris’ clients, the referrals came pouring in. The workload was enough to make the business a family affair. So, he hired his whole family. Wife- Sara- and his three daughters- Morgan, Lauren, and Sydney.

With over sixteen years of experience in the field of technology, the Next Level Ventures team has a big vision for small business oMountain Climberswners and is excited to help small businesses grow. We, at Next Level Ventures, find small businesses to be very important to local communities and the economy.

Chris also has a passion for helping out individuals save on their every day essential services! If you are looking to reduce cost or upgrade your home essential services (TV, Internet, Home Security, Cellular Services, Home Phone, Computer Support, Gas and Electric) you’ve found the right company to help!

We are also looking for individuals that would like to start their own business in this incredible industry! If you’re someone that is interested in tapping into the billion dollar market of Telecom, TV and Energy then please contact us and we’d like to show you how!

Next Level Ventures is excited to partner with you and take you to the next level.

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