Literacy Network is a non-profit organization in Madison, WI, made up of teachers, students, tutors, volunteers and donors all working together to improve adult literacy in Dane County. A wide variety of programs is offered to help low-literate adults improve their reading, writing and English skills so that they may better achieve goals specific to their needs: to read to their children or help with homework, to fill out a job application, to understand finances, or speak with a doctor about a health concern.

Improved literacy skills mean a better chance at safe, productive life and a stronger connection to our community. Literacy Network programs include over a dozen well-attended classes throughout Madison that focus on health literacy, financial literacy, workplace literacy and more, and together with more than 500 volunteer tutors over 1,200 adults are helped each year.

Because of Literacy Network’s contributions to the community, Dane County has a better prepared workforce and a diverse, involved population. Adults are better equipped to succeed in the workplace, better understand health issues, and provide supportive environments for the education of their children. Partnerships with other area social service agencies help build even stronger community connections for our program participants.
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